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I am Sean M. Datz; a photographer in Laramie, Wyoming specializing in abstract wide angle, macro and telephoto photography.
Hello, my name is Sean Michael Datz of SMD Images ( and I am a digital photographer in Laramie, Wyoming. I always enjoyed digital photography growing up back in Colorado, but I've also been heavily involved in computer programming for over a decade. During this time, I didn't take photos nor did I have any camera and just did web design and coding. But now I am back at DSLR photography after all these years after realizing that my coding and programming was not going anywhere.

My style of photography is very different from others as I rely heavily on postproduction and photo editing to create the final photograph. The result is high contrast, various colors and darker atmosphere applied to each photo. This process can take several minutes to hours depending on the photo. This technique is my signature that separates me from the other photographers.

I am mainly an abstract photographer but also like to take photos of animals, nature and buildings. Being an abstract photographer makes photography much more fun as there is a whole other world to photograph beyond the spectrum most people photograph. A good majority of my work is macro or telephoto but also do wide angle depending on the subject.