Laramie Abstract Color Photographer

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Frozen River Snake Rock Submerged In Ice Water Greenbelt Trail
Submerged Rock Inbetween Frozen Ice And Cold Water Greenbelt Trail
Snowy Footprints Traveling Across Frozen River Greenbelt Trail
Smooth River Water Ripples Flowing Over Ice Greenbelt Trail
Melting Ice Patch Reveals Riverbed Bottom Greenbelt Trail
Scratched Frozen Ice River Water Greenbelt Trail
Glowing Halloween Pumpkin Face 9th Street
Glowing Face Halloween Pumpkin 9th Street
Laughing Halloween Pumpkin In Darkness 9th Street
Happy Faced Halloween Pumpkin 9th Street
Laughing Halloween Pumpkin On Counter Top 9th Street
Laughing Wet Halloween Pumpkin 9th Street
Smiling Carved Halloween Pumpkin 9th Street
Decomposing Fall Leaf In Water Greenbelt Trail
Submerged Leaf Under Flowing Water Greenbelt Trail
Dying Globosa Billy Button Craspedia Flower Greenbelt Trail
Freezing Taraxacum Flower Blooming Greenbelt Trail
Decaying Entangled Reed Grass Blades Greenbelt Trail
Dry Willow Pinecone Gall Midge Greenbelt Trail
Wind Swaying Tall Reed Grass Blades Greenbelt Trail
October Full Hunters Moon Sky Atmosphere
Full Moonrise Behind Mountain Sky Atmosphere
Commercial Airliner Flying Among Pitch Black Darkness Sky Atmosphere
Partially Dead Fall Tree Trunks Greenbelt Trail
Tall Fall Leafy Tree Trucks Greenbelt Trail
Historic Wyoming Penitentiary Hidden Behind Trees Territorial Prison Monument
Face Of Waste Stain On Concrete Wall Greenbelt Trail
Ice Frost Coated Gaillardia Blanket Flowers Greenbelt Trail
Ice Crystals Form Atop Gaillardia Blanket Flower Bud Greenbelt Trail
Frozen Iced Gaillardia Blanket Flower Buds Greenbelt Trail
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